RÆST 2015

Research Park iNOVA and "Invest in the Faroes” (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade) will host a food conference focusing on the Faroese cuisine, fermented foods and the fermentation process.

Faroese cuisine have received international attention due to the "New Nordic Food”-movement and fermented foods are at the center of the nutritional debate due to their positive effect on probiotics, beneficial bacteria in the digestive system.

iNOVA and "Invest in the Faroes" wants to highlight the great potential in exploring and developing traditional foodstuffs and procedures.

A great series of lectures has been planned for December 10., where historians, architects and natural scientists will present their projects on different aspects of fermentation. Gutti Winther will serve innovative "ræst tapas”, exploring the possibilities with fermented tastes.

The next day, December 11., iNOVA will host workshops, where it is possible to get interactive access to the lecturers and get advice and help with your own projects.

The conference is free and open to everyone with an interest, but due to a limited seating capacity, we ask that you reserve a place by sending an email to inova@inova.fo. Please inform if you are attending the conference, the workshops (and which ones) or both.

Program Thursday, December 10. (schedule is object to changes)

13.00-13.15: Welcome by Poul Michelsen, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

13.15-13.45: "Fermentation in Faroese cuisine” by Jóan Paula Joensen, University of the

                       Faroe Islands.

History and significance of fermentation in the Faroese cuisine.

13.45-14.00:"Fish Chips” by Leif Sørensen

Leif Sørensen presents his Fish Chips, an innovative approach in marketing the fermented taste to an international audience.

14.00-14.15: Coffee

14.15-14.45: "Probiotics, health and fermented foods” by Amanda Vang, National Hospital of

                        the Faroe Islands

The latest research shows that the bacterial flora in the digestive system plays an important role in autoimmune diseases. Fermented foods are very efficient in promoting probiotics, the beneficial bacteria.

14.45-15.15: "Sensory laboratory in iNOVA” by Janus Vang and Gutti Winther

Presentation of the new sensory laboratory at Research Park iNOVA. The laboratory will provide professional sensory evaluations, which can be used for both product development and quality control.

15.15-16.00: Ræst tapas by Gutti Winther

Interesting fermented tapas will be served.

16.00-16.30: "The Faroese skerpikjøt (fermented, dried leg of lamb) bacteria” by Debes 
                       Christiansen, the Food and Veterinary Agency

We know that microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, have great effect for the fermentation of skerpikjøt. But it has never been describe which organisms are involved in the process. Is there particularly important bacteria, or is there many "skerpikjøt-bacteria”? What is the interaction between these bacteria over time?

The Food and Veterinary Agency have conducted a study in order to answer some of these questions.

16.30-17.00: "An approved drying-house – what is required?” by Olgu Biskupstøð, the Outer Island 
                       Association and Mayfinn Norðoy, architect.

An investigation by practical example that will illustrate what is required to get your drying-house approved by the Food and Veterinary Agency. The approval is necessary for sale of fermented products to restaurants and supermarkets.

The result and the produced blueprints will be publicly available and used to upgrade agriculture on the outer islands.

17.00-17.15: Information about the workshops Friday December 11.

Program Friday, December 11. (Workshops)


10.00-12.00: Get your drying-house approved
Come and have a talk with Mayfinn Norðoy, who will present the protocols and blueprints used to get the drying houses approved. It is possible to get copies of the documents home.

10.00-12.00: Is fermentation beneficial for your health?

Come learn healthy ways to eat Faroese fermented foods. You can sample foods prepared using nutritional guidelines, ask questions about nutrition, health and Prevention. Come and brainstorm which Faroese plants could be developed as a nutrient-rich fermented food.

14.00-16.00: Can I participate in the sensory panel?
Try out the initial screening for the sensory laboratory, where you sense of taste an smell are challenged. Janus Vang og Gutti Winther hosts the trials.

14.00-16.00: How can I participate in the continued study of the bacterial flora involved?
Would you like to participate in the Food and Veterinary Agency study? Is the environment or the design of your drying-house unusual? Are your curious to know why your meat has a unique taste? Come and talk with the scientist about participating in the next phase of the study.


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