P/F Fiskaaling

Aquaculture Research Station of the Faroes

Fiskaaling is the only company of its kind on the Faroe Islands working exclusively with research and development within aquaculture.

The company emphasizes researching within fish and animals that are, or can become, commercially interesting to the Faroes.

Our vision is to create an international research community that will expand the knowledge base through research and development for the purpose of further increasing quality in aquaculture.

The research efforts are organized into the following three fields: Technology and environment, production development and bio-technology. You can read more about these fields of research on these pages.

Emphasis is placed on collaborative research. Fiskaaling is currently involved in research co-operations with several research institutes on the Faroes and abroad. These include the University of the Faroes and the Faroese Marine Institute, as well as SINTEF, NOFIMA, NTNU, MILLS DA, the University of Troms° and the Norwegian marine research institute, Matis in Iceland, DTU Aqua in Denmark, University of New Hampshire, Boston University and US Naval Academy in the US and University of Stirling in Scotland. 
Fiskaaling also maintains good relationships with the Faroese aquaculture industry.